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YES!!  Go OFF!!  Not on someone, OR yourself!!! ☺  Take THIS TGIF and go “OFF” the grid!!  The GREATEST danger of the media is that it gives us a very perverted view of the world. The focus and the repetition of messaging is on the negative, that’s what our minds start believing. No matter what your spiritual or political beliefs, this warped and narrow view of what’s not working has a severe influence on your creative potential. It can be crippling. Take back control of your mind, thoughts, and time and call this go “OFF” Friday!!

Hit the OFF button if?  The source is NOT feeding your life with positive value.
Turn off your TV if it’s not feeding you positive messages.
Turn off your radio if the lyrics are negative.

Delete prior to opening the negative e-mails and newsfeeds.
Cancel your newspaper subscription.

The peace and silence will give you the mental, emotional, psychological and time space you need to focus on the goals and dreams you desire. Spend less time following the news reports about other people’s lives and more time leading your own.

Go make your own news today— THIS TGI—OFF!!

NEW Success STORY!!  

Cheryl started her 12 week challenge, and is in her 2nd week. She lost 10 lbs. last week—Her FIRST week!  I am seeing such a difference in my energy level!   She works out 4 days a week with a personal trainer and have been doing this since last February.  Hitting a weightloss plateau (because I believe? inflammation)—-  In Cheryl’s own words:  “I am so excited to see the changes.  I am excited for this new journey.” 55 down and 40 more to go… On the HOME stretch Cheryl!!  Congratulations!!   

Cheryl proved AGAIN— You can’t exercise away a BAD diet!!  That’s WHY the experts call it:  DIET and Exercise!!



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If you worried about falling off the bike? You’d never get on.” —Lance Armstrong

To YOUR successful “OFF” Friday!!

Jo Dee