The Health Coaching Services I offer are my true work of the heart.  I have intentionally made myself affordable for the majority of my clients—so you and I can have an opportunity to brainstorm and truly implement transformational lifestyle changes!  My services are priced for cash paying clients.

Private telephone or in Person Sessions

$1,195 / One Payment

Telephone Coaching Sessions for 60 minute every  week—with personalized email, one health related and one fitness team email per week, and  16  texting check in every week:  $449.00 One Time Payment, with Private Mind Map Session= for Free.

Private Consultation

$195 / One Payment

30 Minutes of private telephone coaching session or private session to discuss: problems, goals, and health situations: $45 One Time Payment.

Private Mind Map Session

$295 / One Payment

One hour telephone coaching session or private session to discuss:  problems, goals, and health situations—followed up with a personalized client mind map evaluation and plan: $85.00 One Time Payment.

  • Free – 20 Minute Interview / Consultation or Mind Map Session – Contact Jo Dee for more information.

  • Small Group Coaching by phone or in a Local Community (Individually Priced) – Contact Jo Dee for more information.

Custom designed around a wheel or health topics, chronic illness, food and supplementation as medicine, weigh-tloss and weight management, and Peak Performance Fitness as all related to Transformational Optimal Health! Individually priced upon request.

Speaking Engagements concerning an array of Health Topics:

  • Optimal Health
  • Weight-loss and Weight Management
  • Injury Recovery
  • Peak Performance Fitness