Ignite the Wellness

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SPECIAL OFFER Life is a milkshake. Choose your ingredients wisely. Let’s Get Started Want to Optimize Your Health? Solution To Get Started Free 20 Minute Consultation 1:1 Dr. Jo Dee has experienced challenges that many may never recover from. Call … Read More


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Kale is considered one of the healthiest foods you can eat.  I remember the bitter taste, but also know that I have spent a lifetime of ingesting tremendously vile tasting herbs, remedies, and foods in my life—SO? I just inserted … Read More


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1 cup Positivity 1 cup of Vision 1 upward focus to my Creator 1 cup Thankfulness 1 cup Relentlessness 1 cup Heart Centered Life 1 cup Passion 1 cup Action 1 cup Focus Sift together Daily on Life’s Platter

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