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  1. Time To Wake Up: same time every day – an alarm with a pleasant sound is best.
  2. Wash The Night Away: Splash your face 7 times with cold water
  3. Tongue Scraping: Scrape away the white coating on the tongue (from your digestive tract)
  4. Lemon Water: One Fresh squeezed lemon with equal parts water and 4 genoderma drops.
  5. Oil Pulling: To rid your body of toxins, use a couple of drops of an essential oil like a mouth wash – Frankincense is my favorite.
  6. Oiling the body: Give yourself the benefit of few drops of essential oil coconut oil – as a protective barrier against the dryness of the water.
  7. Skin Brushing: Use light, quick brushes with a natural brush or loofa a sponge for lymphatic cleanse and circulation.
  8. Shower Time: Take a lukewarm shower and heat the water up and end with a hot/cold sprat of water on your spine – 3 times (vertically from your skull to your tailbone) and end with cold.
  9. Body Spray: Use a recipe of Epsom salts/magnesium into a glass spray bottle – spritz all over. Recipe is 1 tsp of Epsom salts to 1 pint of mineral water.
  10.  Sitting Still: 15 meditation – for focus, clarity, and relaxation for your day.