Essential Oil

Today I wish to tackle the question of the endocrine system. It is a very serious question and, as you already know, and my position—is to focus much more on staying healthy, active, positive and dynamic, than on embarking into the treatment of actual diseases.

Whenever an endocrine gland functions in excess or, on the contrary, decreases its function, a specific endocrine disease occurs in the organism. In such a case, my advice as a medical doctor is to have a complete diagnosis established by your Doctor or by the endocrinologist.

It is important that I give you some explanations from a physiological viewpoint. The most important, at this stage, is for you to understand that the vast majority of the different hormonal secretions are under the control of the pituitary gland, which is located inside your brain. But the truth is even more complex! In reality, the secretions of your pituitary gland are themselves under the control of the releasing factors secreted by your hypothalamus, which is above your pituitary gland.

You can figure out that the hypothalamus is like the general, giving his orders to the captain “pituitary gland,” and itself transmits its orders to the soldiers (the various endocrine glands in the organism).

What is even more important to grasp is the fact that the hypothalamus itself is, as you can easily imagine, strongly influenced by the brain itself. And when I say “the brain,” I am more focusing on the emotional side than on the thinking side.

I continue by explaining to you that the limbic system is at the center of the emotional life and, as you probably already know, the limbic system is tightly connected to our olfactory perceptions It then becomes quite easy for you to realize the strong link that appears with volatile aromatic molecules that act directly on the olfactory sense. In our modern civilization, there are in particular two major factors that intervene and play a major role in the occurrence of the different endocrine disturbances.

One factor is the deleterious hormonal effect exerted by many chemical substances that the chemical industry manufactures and releases in the environment.

The other main factor is directly connected to the deleterious effects resulting from the excess of negative stress that constitutes a major aggression in our daily civilized life.

Being now aware of these two main hormonal imbalances triggers, what can we do to decrease their potential of aggression?

For the first category (chemical substances), I can only strongly advise you to turn, as much and as often as possible, to eating foods stemming from organic farming. When you know that in the chemical conventional farming, apple trees (as a classic example) can be submitted to up to 30 spraying sessions before the apples are released on the market, you are right to think that those apples should come with a deadly poisonous warning label attached to each of them!

Regarding the question of the negative stress (the one that blocks you, (i.e. you can neither fight nor flight) essential oils offer you extraordinary opportunities to decrease its deleterious effects compared to many pharmaceutical molecules that create, very quickly, a state of dependence that becomes very difficult to escape from later on.

Just considering the MAIN NINE— single essential oils like True Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, and a personal favorite blend– Pure Tranquility that you can very easily implement as olfactory stress reducing factors by inhaling them on a regular basis, and also diluted in fractionated coconut oil for a relaxing back massage.

Generally, most people love citrus essential oils for their universal relaxing impact on the psyche through the olfactory perception.

Whenever you need to be stimulated, then you can turn to Peppermint (inhale and put one drop into your healthy beverage).

Besides, Organic the Spruce Essential Oil is renowned for its supportive action upon the adrenal glands. The easiest way is to put two or three drops on the back of your right hand and then quickly apply it on the area on the right adrenal gland, and you do the same with two or three drops on the back of your left hand and apply it on the left adrenal area (this area is located where you feel the last ribs).

This gesture should be done either after your morning shower, or before going to bed. You do it one every two day, for a two to three weeks period.

This letter, as you understand, is not intended to replace your doctor or your therapist!

Eventually, the Essential Oil personal rituals will lead to “SELF CARE”—which is the essence of health coaching and wellness to OPTIMAL HEALTH! Using Essential Oils combines the best of modern medical science combined with the best of Mother Nature, for your vitality and your prosperity: make good use of it!