Carb Cycling QUESTIONS?

Carb Cycling is THE biggest ‘Success Secret’ for implementing and consistently continuing for a Transformational Life of Optimal Health!!

Here are some Key Concepts:
Smart Carbs are:
Recommended Size: Fist-size Portion

Smart carbs are complex carbohydrates. You can have carbs, as long as you choose them carefully–that is why they are called SMART! It’s all about balance. The body’s muscles need smart carbs as fuel and so does your brain.

Carbs that are NOT SMART:

  1. Food that is full of refined carbohydrates like sugary (even those made withhoney, maple syrup, etc.) cakes & cookies.
  2. White bread & pasta.
  3. White rice.
  4. Bottled and canned fruits and juices.
  5. Pops/sodas and other sugar products.

They are simply empty calories with very little to no nutrition in them. IF IT’S WHITE, IT’S NOT RIGHT!

The Best Smart Carbs are:

  • Fruits and vegetables, especially the green ones that grow above the ground likekale or dark, leafy lettuce.
  • Beans such as kidney beans and garbanzo beans.
  • Seeds including as sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  • Nutssuch as almonds.
  • Whole grains such as brown rice, millet,quinoa, buckwheat, whole wheat bread & pasta, multigrain cereal/bread, oatmeal and oat bran.

PROTEINS: SIZE of your Palm

Examples of Proteins are: Dairy, Poutry, Red Meat, Seafood, White Meat, and Vegetable Protein

Smart Vegetables: Vegetables fortify your body with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Recommend Serving Zise; two fist-sized portions

Smart Fats: Health fats help keep you feeling full longer

Recommended Serving Size: Thumb-size portion Daily; dressings; Fruit; Nuts and Seeds; Oils

Smart Beverages: Water, Almond Milk, tea, brewed coffee, zero Sugar drinks. Limit creamers and sugars.

Smart Condiments: Vinaigrettes, barbeques, and wine sauces; Herbs and spices are recommended, but any condiment of choice should be used sparingly.


  • (ONE WEEK of the FOLLOWING): ALL HIGH CARB DAYS for six days and then a GUILT FREE DAY

Purpose of Low-Carb Days:   To help enhance your body’s burning potential

Purpose of High-Carb Days: To help boost your body’s metabolism into high gear. A high carb day doesn’t mean a “FREE PASS” to the pasta or potato bar!!

Eat a balanced serving of smart carbs with protein and veggies to keep your body revved up!

Purpose of Guilt-Free Days: To reward yourself by indulging with foods you crave for one full day of each week. JUST don’t go over the top!!Enjoy this day, because it helps keep your body from adapting and plateauing! The emotional side of eating can be powerful and this enable you to enjoy life’s occasions and Holidays—A REAL lifestyle lasting change.

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