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If I was in a foreign country, and I’d ever need protection from an enemy– What would I do?  I would plead for safety and asylum?  I would ask for immunity— From One Country to another. This kind of personal immunity is: Once for life.  Unlike Asylum– Daily Health rituals are an Immunity Passport for life!

LIKE our personal health—IMMUNITY— Is the  ultimate  Safety Defense for our bodies—to ward off against the elements, Turn against the “herd mentality” of disease and prescription drugs  and Eliminate — Stress and Toxicity— What  a Daily Accomplishment for Life! 

Think of IMMUNITY as Car Insurance.  Do we wait to get Auto in Insurance until we have a car wreck? NO!! We have Auto Insurance ALL the time—Sometimes even on auto pay—because—It’s a ‘just in case’ scenario we know we can’t live without it.  Think of these Three Immunity Boosters like auto insurance—You REALLY need them all the time to live in Optimal Health and can’t live without them.  If the car you drove was a Jaguar?  Would you put Apple Juice in the gas tank?  Of COURSE NOT!  You would put the highest grade of gasoline possible.  Isn’t it time you treated your body like a Jaguar?  They say in Spanish:  “Una Cuerpo?  Una Vida”:  One Body– One Life!

I’d like to break down the word:  “IMMUNITY”:  IM-UNITY—- “Defense against toxins, stress, and harmful infections”–Immunity occurs with your own body is in ‘HARMONY’:  Body Mind, Soul

So how do you achieve “IM-UNITY” and IMMUNITY— Especially during this stressful time with the CORONA Virus/COVID 19?  Immunity and building up your natural immunity is better than any Vaccine.  

Here are THREE BIG Daily Rituals for Natural Ways to Boost Immunity in your Daily Routine to assist and ensure you and YOUR body to be in ‘UNITY’ with IMMUNITY:

  1. Meditation— Find a quiet place one, and then twice a day— Starting with 15 and working to 30 to 45 minutes a day—RELAX and BREATH.  The Benefits for every 15 minutes of Meditating is the equivalent of 2 hours of extra sleep!  How do you start? Just breathe, Go with your one image and embrace the amazing benefits.
  1. Supplementation— I’m talking about MORE than a Multi-Vitamin. STAY AWAY from any vitamin that uses fillers.  These actually cause more harm than good. New to Supplements? — Just think about it.  Your SUPPLEMENTS are an extra insurance for your Optimal Health.  One sequence is certain—The most affective and absorbable supplements are in the following configurations: liquid, capsules, and then tablets.  This previous tip will prevent “Bed Pan Bullets” and increase if your body’s benefit and absorbability 
  1. Moderate Exercise—20 to 30 minutes a day 3 to 5 days a week is ALL anyone needs. If you are a couch potato?  Never Fear!  Just put on your tennis shoes and “Take a Walk”!  Go in Intervals:  Start out Slowly; Then Moderate Walking; Then Brisk; and Reverse the Interval Process.  Make a date for YOU in your daily calendar— Like having your Healthy Personal Lunch Break.

WHY is it important that you take action now?  How important is your life and living IMMUNITY and in Optimal to you? Remember:  You are the only person that will never leave you!

Being good to yourself is like putting the Oxygen Mask on yourself before putting the mask on your children. Then you and your influence will change your family; your social circle; and eventually the world. You’ll NEVER need to seek asylum— because?  You achieved IMMUNITY and Optimal Health through daily rituals.