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Excel At Any Stage Of Life!

Jo Dee Baer has experienced challenges that many never recover from! She helps YOU achieve more by learning what she did to not only survive, TO EXCEL & SURPASS!


Jo Dee is the author of, Twenty One Days to Peak Performance and her Peak Performance Workshop that can be tailored to any group, Church, Athletic, Corporate, or Club. Jo Dee is also available on a personal basis for consulting. She can help you set up an exercise plan, a personal training, and/or consult with you on a Diet-Wellness Plan for your peak performance to Optimal Health.

Jo Dee Baer is a 60 year old Certified Wellness Coach and Wellness Consultant who people say looks twenty years younger. That’s OK with Jo Dee because it supports her contention that anyone with the ‘will’ and ‘perseverance’ can overcome medical adversity and the hardship that one often encounters on ‘the road of life’.

What Clients Are Saying

I always say experience is the best teacher. JoDee has more experience in the field of health, wellness and fitness than any one I know. Plus if she doesn’t know it she will tenaciously find out. I lost 63 pounds!!

Kathleen Heller

JoDee is an exceptional coach – and working with her has been life changing and a real eye opener! She taught me how to make minor adjustments in my routine with food and exercise that worked for ME. I really like that it wasn’t about what I should or had to do, but rather about providing all kinds on information to help me make informed decisions. Heck, I can even have an occasional glass of wine….. I mean green juice!!!

Mike Kelly

Jo Dee’s Story Is Amazing…

There are lots of BENEFITS!

Get Back To Following YOUR Dreams…


  • RICE Principle
  • The Game of “MIND SET”
  • Getting back IN the Game—STRONGER, SMARTER, FASTER!

LOOK 10— FEEL 20 years younger!!

  • Defy your age NATURALLY
  • Add years to your life and LIFE to your years
  • Learn  easy to follow daily disciplines


  • Proven Team Success—1172 lbs.  collectively lost in 2014
  • Naturally Boost your Metabolism
  • Carb Cycling
  • Hit my weight loss goal!!  NOW what?  Discover   the Successful and Lasting new lifestyle
  • The “INSIDE JOB” of a true Transformation that lasts!


  • Fitness for Optimal Health
  • AVOID  Burnout—“let me hear your Body Talk”
  • Feel Better?  Do Better!
  • HAVE IT ALL:  “Peak Performance”

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